Dyslexia is your gift – Open love letter

Dear love,

The first time I met you was at a dinner party, I could see that you were quietly observing your surroundings as you occasionally passed on a cheeky smile in response to the silly humor of those around you. You took out a pen and started doodling on the serviettes of the restaurant. There was a something that made you stand out from the crowd to me, but it wasn’t until I got to truly know who you are that I figured out what it was. Your cheeky smile made me want to laugh; you were so calm, yet you had this positive vibe to you that I loved. To an onlooker, you seemed like an average girl, but to me, you were a mystery. Someone that I wanted to know more about.

As I have had the opportunity to get to know the real you, the version very few know – I have completely and madly fallen in love with you. You have so much to offer to me and the world that I can only hope that I can be half the person you are.

You were an individual that has the courage to dream higher than most. Every moment I spent getting to know you, I learned something new about life and living. Your positivity and creativity always left me in awe; I wanted you around 24/7 loving you. However, there was always something missing, something I could not understand. No matter what I would say your confidence was held by a thin thread as you failed to recognize how truly wonderful, you are. In my eyes, you were someone so bright and successful, someone, who could take on the world, however, I failed to figure out how could someone as positive as you have so much self-doubt. You often talked about all the criticism that came your way and how you had to fight your way through life, to prove yourself and your abilities to the world and me. I would always try to understand but was never able to make out what was there to prove in the first place?

It was much later in our relationship that I found out you were dyslexic. Initially, it was hard for me to believe – with my lack of knowledge I would question how someone as smart and talented as you can be regarded as having a learning disability? You have always been better than me at everything. Indeed you took your time and would often get frustrated with the process however I would always blame it on your need to be a perfectionist or your laziness. It is when I finally educated myself and tried to learn more about dyslexia is when everything started to make sense. I may never be able to understand the struggle you faced as a child, but I want to say something to you.

Looking back at our relationship in hindsight, dyslexia has played a significant role in why I fell for you in the first place. It is dyslexia that makes you, who you are today. And it is because of dyslexia you stand out from the crowd. You perceive the world in an entirely different light; you think creatively and holistically coming up with original, out of the box ideas. You might have to try harder than most, but you are highly intelligent and intuitive. Your vivid imagination brings excitement to the life of those around you. You might not see the qualities you possess, but I do. I love that your mind works differently than mine. Your experiences have made you humble and stronger than most, you have seen more in life that many may not know of, you are resilient and persistent in nature, and that is something I look up to. I want to tell you that I’m very proud and equally impressed by all that you have achieved. I hope I can be half as strong as you and develop the courage to fight through any obstacles that come my way the way you did and keep doing.

Yours truly,

Your admirer.


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