Dyslexie – The typeface you have been waiting for!



“If you suffer from dyslexia it takes 5x the energy to read something. “Trying to do this for everything from road signs and packaging to long articles online — it’s exhausting!

For those who don’t suffer from dyslexia, it can be a difficult disorder to understand.

“People who don’t have dyslexia get very frustrated,” graphic designer Christian Boer told Digital Trends. “They say, ‘Don’t you see the mistake you’ve made?’ The answer is that, no, we don’t see it. If we could see it, we wouldn’t make the error.”

Say hello to the DYSLEXIE, a font type designed specifically for dyslexics to help them understand and read better.The letters are designed to make it difficult for people’s brains to flip or twist them while reading, using letter weights which are bolder at the base, and with larger capital letters and bigger spaces between words.

As a dyslexia sufferer, Boer has set out to make things easier for people like him. The brains behind the Dyslexie font, he’s created a typeface specifically for improving the reading skills of people who have trouble reading.

Something he created to help himself turned out to be a revolutionary creation that the world wants to adopt. As technology progresses we will surely uncover more and more ways of making life easier and negating the negative effects of learning disabilities like dyslexia. Dyslexie is the stepping stones for such a change!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVaeGOflF7w – Christian Boer TED Talk

At present, the font is available for users to download to their Macs or PCs. However, a current Kickstarter campaign seeks to add more tools to the toolbox with a PDF converter for changing any document typeface into the Dyslexie font, as well as a web browser extension to do the same for online articles.







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